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What is the most powerful element of a relationship?

Speaking and Workshops 1When you have a conversation face to face, there is a potential for connection, action, and transformation. And, there is also the opportunity for misunderstandings.

Whether attending family gathering, speaking at a board meeting, or on a conference call, we pick up all kinds of verbal and non-verbal cues. It’s easy to make internal assumptions if we can’t find all the answers right away.

Get ready to cut through the fog:

Wake up. Get Inspired. Live Empowered.

Transform your next conference from just another ho-hum gathering into a truly powerful life altering experience.

We combine our sharp wit, humor and love story to deliver inspirational keynotes that will give your audience a complete experience of pure emotion and raw honesty that breaks down all barriers of limitation.

Not only will we leave participants with clarity about their own vision, enthusiasm to take action, and an eagerness to engage their own resourcefulness, but we will also share kickass stories that will have you rolling in the aisles.

Speaking and Training Topics include:

  • The Persistent Heart: Building Collaboration Through Leading by Example
  • Making the Impossible Possible: Overcoming Roadblocks, Challenges and “Nos”
  • Opening to Life: Reaching Beyond Boundaries, Limitations, and Challenges
  • Beyond Words: Communicating Through Love and Life
  • Telling Your Powerful Story
  • Community Safety and Self Defense

Discover all of the topic descriptions here: Speaking Engagement Package

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Our series of leadership keynotes and workshops unveils the depth and beauty of your vision, and empowers you to bring each of those intentions into reality.

No matter where you are, inclusive leadership gives you the first steps you need for your life journey, clarifies your personal and professional vision, and uncovers the internal resources that have always been available to you but haven’t been recognized.

Discover the tools you need to rock your life into the powerful presence that you were born to be!

Barton and Megan are available for:

Speaking and Workshops 2

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Conference Break Out Sessions or Interactive Workshops
  • Training Series
  • Group or Team Coaching with Barton and Megan Cutter
  • Individual Coaching with Barton or Megan Cutter
  • Panel Discussions


Interested in where we’ve been and what we’ve done?

Our full listing of past speaking engagements, workshops, and keynotes can be found here.


To book Barton and Megan Cutter for your next event or to schedule a workshop, contact them here: 

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