Welcome to the new blog for Cutter’s Edge Consulting

Blog1- Rocking World with Words

Welcome to the new blog for Cutter’s Edge Consulting where the best in written communications meets  hands-on consulting and training to give you the tools you need for collaborative partnerships.

Our personal and professional environments are continually evolving. At the same time, there is also an ever-increasing convergence between these two arenas.

We recognize that getting the most out of each relationship requires not only clear and impeccably written communication, but also an appreciation and acknowledgement of the inter-connectedness between all people.

Let’s face it. Words have power.

This is something I learned early in life. Growing up with Cerebral Palsy, it was often hard for others to understand my speech pattern. It did not take long for me to realize that I had to make every word count. Not only because of the physical barrier of getting others to understand what I was saying, but more importantly, because in order to circumvent their natural assumptions about what a young man in a wheelchair, it was imperative that my words made an impact on them. It was this appreciation of language that brought me to a true love of poetry.

Recognizing how the simple elegance of language could create such profound emotional and visceral responses. Much later in my life, it was the same simplicity and encounter of words that I employed as a coach allowing language to become a surgical scalpel that would unlock a world of new possibility to my clients.

For my wife Megan and I, it is this combined love of language and the transformative potential it carries with it that leads us into areas of work which combine our expertise around the written word with our passion for exposing the human potential and harnessing it to enhance the relationships of our clients through interactive workshops and consulting.

And, I invite you along the journey with us, as we explore this emerging tapestry of language, relationships, and collaborative leadership. To see what emerges when you truly embrace the full potential of your strategic partnerships.

– Barton Cutter