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Are you ready to unleash the LEADER IN YOU?

Is the weight of responsibility for the daily grind leaving you in a passionless fog? Has the vision that once inspired you lost to tomorrow’s deadlines?

Are you left going through the motions, and questioning what it’s all about?

Sometimes, this fog creeps in slowly, and you’re well into mid-life when you wake up unable to recognize who you’ve become. Other times, we’re smack in the face by the “fog” sooner and we KNOW our only choice isn’t about mere survival: WE MUST THRIVE!

It’s time to be that amazing presence you were born to be.

Barton knows YOU were born for greatness! And, his laser-sharp focus cuts through the fog to the heart the matter, pinpointing misalignments and reshaping your reality to ensure that your clarity, intent, and sense of freedom is never out of focus.

Yes, it takes courage, vision, and perseverance to overcome what gets in your way. And imagine the freedom and transformation you’ll experience as you step through challenges and take ownership of your full impact!

Tap into the passion that wakes you up each morning and moves you to THRIVE! Personal leaderships coaching will:

  • Redefine what’s possible to create the impact you envision.
  • Expand your freedom in service of courageous experimentation.
  • Stretch you to take BOLD action that lead to powerful leaps in perception.
  • Challenge you to OWN YOUR FULL AUTHORITY in all you do!


Barton’s Coaching Difference

Some people do transformation half-assed, thinking that playing it safe is somehow more sustainable. NOT Barton!!!!

Barton lives his life putting it all on the line, every day! Laughing at what the world says is impossible, and then DOING IT- This is how he plays. And, he demands the same of his clients!

Only for those who dare greatness, Barton’s coaching will scramble your brain cells and leave you flying into life with full authority and freedom to own your impact! His presence, both fierce and playful, will break down all walls and spark new visions for who your world is calling you to be!

You’ll learn to step into BOLD ACTION with a laugh and abide in VAST FREEDOM with every breath. With Barton at your side, EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE!!!

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