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Messy vs. Spotless

by Megan Cutter 

Ok. Be truthful. What kind of environment do you work in? What space do you do your best work in? Is it the messy desk with piles of paper, books, magazines and who knows what else? Is it a desk where every item is labeled and put back in exactly the precise place where it left? Or maybe working at a coffee shop away from an office cubicle or home.

A huge debate is raging- messy or clean? A new study came out proclaiming that messy may not mean disorganized. Piles of paper may indicate creativity. On the other side of the courtroom, spotless profectionists declare that those stacks of paper lead to poor work quality. Truth is, we can all do a better job of prioritizing our lives, creating more time to enjoy those things we love. (For those of you in dire need of a professional organizer, check out Metropolitan Organizing.) We are caught up in a world of “busyness,” and I am the worst offender with my to-do list always at hand. Over and over, I learn the lesson that rushing means going back to patch things up later. Slowing down, focusing and enjoying (or at least being present) in what I am doing increases the rate in which things get done, right, the first time. Finding myself somewhere in the middle, I use cleaning the office space a reason to procrastinate on the real work. So, inevitability, I let the piles of paper stack up, trying not to look at them. Yet, this is when I get the best work done. So find your working style, messy or spotless and get to work!