In many leadership arenas, much emphasis has been placed on actions, doing and attaining results. Of course this is a vital component of any leadership role, whether a personal endeavor or within a team or work environment.

Yet, what lies beneath the foundation of action?

There are times when many of us, me included, run around like a chicken with our heads cut off in pursuit of action oriented items. At times, this is indeed must be necessary, as we all have busy points in our schedule.

It has been my observation, both from personal experience and in observing others that this insistent drive toward action in fact not only lowers our own effectiveness, but lessons our capacity to communicate and be in leadership with others.

Silence is perhaps the most undervalued and under utilized tool within the leadership toolbox and until recently, has been considered the ugly stepchild of any determined leader. What is it that makes silence so powerful and how can we better harness it in our own leadership style?

Here are 3 benefits of silence:

1. Silence fosters the space to show you how to let go of the chatter in external drivenness. To sit quietly and listen to deeper levels of the body, mind, and environment. It allows you to tap into an intrinsic knowing that is from a place deeper and more confident than the intellect can ever be.

2. Silence in the presence of others can never be understated. Just as listening to your own body and mind, can deepen a personal understanding. Not only it is a powerful tool for understanding, but by allowing another person to be heard, and expressed all that they may be carrying them within, eventually they too may enter into the space of silence and from that combined quietness, may arise a joint wisdom, understanding and most profound collaboration.

3. Perhaps most importantly, we become attuned to which actions are indeed necessary and appropriate and which are superfluous. Using periods of silence to guide our actions means that these actions will be more purposeful, carrying with them a greater intent. There will be more clarity about the desired outcome and how to execute their actions with minimal amounts of effort. It will also greatly enhance the timing of an action. Again, a tool to minimize effort, making sure that the action is indeed necessary as it is connected to an inner feeling of resonance.

Of course the action itself may be allowed and require time and effort to execute, but then after accomplished, another period of silence is a benefit, one in which you sit back, observe, feel, and recognize the impact for better or worse, that the action has had on both your desired outcome involved and the environment at large. In time, this period of reflection after action is taken will inform how you move forward, what the next steps need to be in order to maintain that inner resonance.

Let me hear from you- how has silence impacted your life?

If you would like to deepen your understanding of the power silence can play in your own leadership journey, contact me for a strategy session. I look forward to hearing from you!

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